Cloud 9 Clarity Skin Clearing Spot Gel 50ml

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Cloud 9 Clarity Skin Clearing Spot Gel 50ml

Worried about using harsh treatments that could cause your skin to peel, but want something really effective? Clarity is a gel that’s proven to be much milder than many products.

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It doesn’t work by stripping your skin; instead it uses chamomile extract to soothe sore facial areas, and niacinamide to help reduce the redness and soreness of acne. Allantoin actively promotes healthy cell renewal, whilst vitamins D5 and E moisturise dry areas. Clarity gel dries within a minute and is completely invisible, so you can comfortably put your make up on over it without it rolling.

How to use: Before applying Clarity Skin Clearing Spot Gel, thoroughly clean and dry your skin (by patting the skin with a towel, not by rubbing dry).

Apply a thin layer of Clarity Clearing Spot Gel to the affected area in the morning and evening. For preventative use, you can apply a thin layer to areas where you are prone to breakouts to help keep the area clear. Always ensure that Clarity gel is the first layer applied to your skin; makeup and/ or moisturisers should be applied 5 minutes after the gel has been applied.