To celebrate this new brand we have also created an exclusive kit, the Picture Perfect Skin Collection


     This kit includes 3 full sized products:


     Wash + Glow Cleanser

     Fully Charged Serum x Moisturiser

     Dunday Detox Mask

     Make Up Bag

     RRP £83.00      NOW ONLY £39.00

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Pizza, spin class, travel, 12-hour binge watching sessions, getting lost in your Instagram feed...

Whatever you're into, you're probably not into aging.

That's why we created nia, a radically different collection of lifestyle-infused skincare that counters the situational stressors that steal your natural glow.




Developed to go beyond pre-empting early signs of aging, nia helps optimize skin to withstand all the situations, scenarios and stressors that come its way... from sleeping in your makeup to not sleeping enough, to looking down at your phone (a lot), to pulling and tugging at eyelids during makeup application.

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A smart molecule known for serious multi-tasking benefits makes this all possible. Patented NIA-114™ helps keep skin at its high-performance best, with instant (+ distant) gratification.

  • strengthens skin's moisture barrier
  • turbo-charges other powerful ingredients, making them even more effective
  • for healthy, glowing, radiant + resilient skin today... and tomorrow too.