Salon Skincare is a worldwide pioneer and was one of the very first companies to provide access to Professional Salon Skincare products in the convenience of your own home.

Salon Skincare is run by a professional team who have been involved in the skincare industry for decades so we know what are the best skincare products for lines and wrinkles, we know the best skincare products to make you look younger and we know the best skincare products for acne, spots and other problematic skin. Whatever your main priority is for your skin, Salon Skincare has the solution.

We will be introducing lots of new features to the Salon Skincare website over the next year so keep checking in with us as we continue to lead the Skincare industry

Look Your Best

If you look good you feel good. We all have days where we look in the mirror and realise that we are a year older (Salon Skincare’s birthday is on Christmas Eve so imagine how we feel). When we see those first lines and wrinkles around the eyes, when we see the first lines and wrinkles around the mouth and when those first lines and wrinkles on our forehead appear we know we need to find a solution.

You may be a soap and water queen who has used nothing else all your life but we all reach a stage where we need a little extra help. There is a reason that Professional Skincare Products cost more than the products you get in a high street pharmacy or a supermarket – you are not only investing in the research but you are also investing in the quantity, quality and range of active ingredients that you will be using to transform your skin.

We want you to look your best everyday, let us show you how…

Treat A Problem

There are many skincare problems that can now be “sorted” out by advanced skincare lines. Whether you have extremely sensitive skin, acne, spots, rosacea, eczema, very dry patches, discoloration or redness we will have a product that can help. We believe we have products that can provide you great “relief” – if not, speak to one of our Skincare Advisors on 0203 872 2434 and we will happily recommend another product for you.

Maintenance Products

There are skincare products you can’t live without and we have them on Salon Skincare. We can relax your skin with aromatherapy oils, we can hydrate dry skin with extremely active moisturising products, we can provide you with your skincare basics at great prices and even the best tanning products. An everyday skincare regime should use a good cleanser and a good moisturiser – join in our community and we will show you why and how this can transform your skin.

Good skincare doesn’t have to be expensive, good skincare is about finding the products that are right for you – let us help you on your journey. If you already know what products you like then we hope you enjoy browsing our online store, enjoy the experience and please let us know how we can serve you better.