Tweezerman 3-in-1 Pedicure Tool

Tweezerman 3-in-1 Pedicure Tool

Tweezerman 3-in-1 Pedicure Tool

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Expertly remove stubborn calluses and beautifully smooth rough, dry skin. Multi-functional pedicure tool includes a callus shaver with two specialty rasps that snap securely in place. Ergonomically designed, soft grip handle provides the ultimate in comfort and control.

How to use:

3 easy steps for beautiful feet:

1) While skin is still moist and softened from soaking, gently slide the Callus Shaver repeatedly across corns and calluses to remove thin layers.

2) Flat Finishing Rasp easily snaps into place right over the shaver. Perfectly secured, the rasp can now be easily worked back and forth over callused area to beautifully smooth skin.

3) Simply remove Flat Finishing Rasp and Callus Shaver together by pressing side-release buttons. Snap the thin Curved Rasp into place and use to exfoliate and smooth skin between and around toes.

(*Those with diabetes, hemophilia or circulatory problems should not use this tool.)

Tweezerman 3-in-1 Pedicure Tool Reviews

I purchased this product in order to get my feet ready for a summer holiday. the product was great! it left my feet feeling extremely smooth. i would recommend this product to others i would recommend using the callous shaver after a shower and bath and you can very easily use it on dry rough skin. please don't go too crazy otherwise you can end up with red raw skin!