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Time Bomb

"I am just delighted my Time Bomb collection has been chosen to be sold on the SalonSkincare website among such prestigious and renowned brands!"
Lulu 2010

Over twenty years ago, Lulu began working with award-winning chemist Dr. Joe Cincotta to formulate her skin care range Time Bomb. He is perhaps best known for the work he did with the John Frieda Professional Hair Care Company, but is fast gaining recognition for the work hes done with Lulu on her personal care ranges. Lulu has been relying on Joes formulations for her own beauty care regimen for decades and credits her youthful appearance to the products they worked on tirelessly together.

Lulus Time Bomb debuted on QVC in 2007 and quickly became a top seller demand was so high that a shipment carrying the products was actually stolen before it could be delivered to QVCs warehouse. The success of her skin care range was followed by the launch of Bombshell Body, the first line of anti-ageing products for the body. And most recently Lulu introduced her Operation: Glam line, designed for women who were not born with full, thick hair look like they were.

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