Thalgo Océa Draine-Detox Programme

Thalgo Océa Draine-Detox Programme - 10 x 10 ml

Thalgo Océa Draine-Detox Programme - 10 x 10 ml

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10 days to eliminate! Ocea Draine is the perfect product for anyone who wants to jump start a weight loss regime or simply detox the body. Clean out your system and restore well-being with this combination of Fucus algae and three organic plant juices (horseradish, fennel and artichoke). One phial a day for ten days, taken every morning will gently and effectively cleanse the colon, giving a feeling of lightness and renewed energy. Skin is also more radiant. 100% natural formula made with organically grown ingredients.

Recommended for anyone

  • wishing to go on a diet and slim down their figure
  • with water retention
  • wishing to flush out their body due to over eating
  • who is seeking an organic detox product and supports organic farming

How to use:

1 ampoule per day to be diluted in a glass of water or fruit juice, for 10 days.

Thalgo Océa Draine-Detox Programme - 10 x 10 ml Reviews

During a recent Fred Olsen cruise I was introduced to Ocea Draine Detox Programme by the ships' fitness guru, and recommended to take three courses for ten days per month for the next three months. Maybe Christmas was not the best time to start but I have now come to the end of the second course and planning the third course in February. Have to say nothing amazing has happened yet, but will persevere and see the three courses out and see what happens at the end of February. Finders crossed!
Was a little put off having to break a small glass canister, which resulted in me only using half of the packs as I wasn't certain that small parts of glass weren't dropping into the canister. I am sure the product is good, but I cannot give an honest review.
I use 4 times a year, at the beginning of each season. I feel much better after using it.
Thalgo Ocea Draine-Detox Programme worked for me. I ordered it to cleanse and detox my body after winter. You need to get used to to the taste of the drink, some people may find it off putting but for me was quite nice. Drink it regularly and you will see the result soon . I had much more energy and my skin looked much better too. I would recommend to anyone.