Talika Eye Detox Contour Gel

Talika Eye Detox Contour Gel

Talika Eye Detox Contour Gel

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Eye Detox help erases dark rings and reduce "eyebags", responsible for dull and tired looking eyes.

Microcirculation plays a crucial role in the eye contour area. hen it slows down, due to fatigue or time, a loss of tonicity of the skin and vessels leads to swelling and colouring of the eye contour.Even if blinking the eyelids reactivates this blood microcirculation during the day, fatigue, pollution, stress, lack of sleep, smoking, excess, an unsuitable diet and aging of the skin will slow down this process.

How it works:

Applied daily on cleansed eye contour, Eye Detox revitalizes and re-tonify the skin and microcirculation thanks to restructuring, smoothing and tightening active ingredients. Independant clinical tests made at Hospital Pitie-Salpêtrière in Paris: have proven that after 28 days of daily use, dark ring are reduced by up to 85% and eye bags by up to 100%.

How to use:

Eye Contour Gel comes in the form of a slim pen that is very practical to use. Turn the base of the pen a quarter of the way round to release a dose of gel onto the applicator. One dose of gel is sufficient for the use of both eye contour. Apply with light touches or lightly pat on the clean eye contour every morning.

Key ingredients:

  • Peptides (hydrating and rejuvenating action)
  • Proteins of sweet white lupine (repairs, regenerates and hydrates)
  • Proteins of sweet almond (smoothness and tightness is restored)
  • Cornflower water (soothing and softening effect)
  • Extract of horse chestnut (decongests the eye contour)

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