Sebastian Molding Mud

Sebastian Molding Mud - 75g

Sebastian Molding Mud - 75g

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Remoldable Fiber Sculptor

Fiber-fused mud molds uncombed-looking style for drop-dread groovy locks.

How to use:

Sculpt into damp or dry hair to mold street-chic style. Blow with cold air to increase hair's moist-look volume. Blow with hot air for moist, head-hugging shapes. Spread through dry hair for shiny separations. Best for thicker and layered hair.



Sebastian Molding Mud - 75g Reviews

If you are looking for a tousled look - then this product does the job. It is lightweight and nice to work with. For me it's a little on the thin side re texture, however this is what makes it so light to use. I'm not sure how it would work on longer hair, think it is definately designed to work with shorter hair/layers.
I have been using this product for two or three years now and am very pleased with it. I started to use it because my hairdresser stocked it and always used it to style my hair after a cut. Now, I'm not saying that it looks the same when I use it, but this is one of the easiest products I've tried and believe me I've tried dozens. It's very light but does need to be rubbed into the hands quite a bit before applying to the hair. You only need very small quantities but 'a little goes a long way' is good for me if it means I'm not having to buy new supplies every month. A pot of this which I use every morning lasts for three or four months. I have got short hair, but I don't think you'd want to use this on longer hair. It's really to give defnition and shape to your style, not as a 'coating'. You apply it by rubbing it into the hair and then pull the hair into shape. It's great if you're out in misty/damp weather as it does provide some protection ;and stops the hair 'flopping'
I use this product for some years now, and I'm very happy with it. This product is very good for coarse, curly hair. It takes away the frizzyness, but don't use too much because than your hair gets greasy. Give you beautiful spiral curls and it smells good. Can be used on damp and on dry hair.