RazorPit Teneo Razor Blade Sharpener (NEW)

RazorPit Teneo Razor Blade Sharpener (NEW)

RazorPit Teneo Razor Blade Sharpener (NEW)

RazorPit Teneo Razor Blade Sharpener (NEW)

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Patented razor sharpening and cleaning technology

Razorpit Teneo, the new and improved version of Razorpit. After 2 years of further development, in cooperation with Razorpit users, of the existing best selling RazorPit.

Problem: Razor blades are expensive but feel dull after only a few shaves.

Solution: RazorPit cleans and sharpen the blade, giving you a sharp blade for months to make them last for up to 150 shaves - saving you 90% of your spend on razor blades!

How it Works:

RazorPit uses a unique and patented friction technology to clean and sharpen your razor blades to remove dullness and grime, providing you with the perfect shave every time. After every shave microscopical residue, like skin cells, water, and keratin is left on the blades. That causes them to feel dull. With the new Razorpit Teneo you get up to 150 shaves on one blade, therefore saving both the environment of pollution and yourself huge sums on replacement blades. Razorpit Teneo has become easier to use, can keep your razor and your extra razor blades, and is much more effective in grinding and cleaning of your razor.

  • Extends your razor blades life by an average of 600%
  • Upright holder for your razor which helps water to drain away
  • Holder to keep your extra razor blades
  • Razorpit works with any razor blades, all manufacturers and all types.

To Use:

Apply a layer of shaving foam on the horizontal surface of the Razorpit. Then press the blade of the razor itself down onto the soft surface. This must be done with a constant pressure onto the silicone-surface. Then you push the razor against the conventional shaving direction while maintaining the pressure on the silicone-surface. This will ensure contact between the mat and the blades, thereby cleansing the dirt and residue of the surface. Push the razor over the mat 3 to 4 times. Rinse both Razorpit and razor under running water, and place the razor in the Razorpit, blade-side up.

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