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Tweezerman Folding Lashcomb

Tweezerman Folding Lashcomb

Tweezerman Folding Lashcomb

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The perfectly spaced, gold plated metal teeth glide through lashes to remove excess mascara, leaving your lashes looking long, lovely and clump-free. Comb cleverly folds in to protect teeth when not in use.

How to use:

While still wet with mascara, comb your lashes (moving up, out and away from eyes). If applying more than one coat, comb lashes after each additional application. Make sure to look in a mirror when using this precision tool. Part of eye-beauty maintenance is keeping peepers healthy, so clean your Ilashcomb regularly with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball

Tweezerman Folding Lashcomb Reviews

i love this! but you really do need to be careful because the lash separators are metal not plastic and it can be very painful if your trying to rush or not paying attention whilst using this product. it is the fact that the lash separators are metal which makes this an exceptional product. it really does separate your lashes fully which helps make them look longer. although it does fold it is still a fragile product so look after it (or just buy 2 at a time like i do!!!)