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SBC Lavender Gel

SBC Lavender Gel - 250ml

SBC Lavender Gel - 250ml

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This non-sticky gel contains extract of Lavender combined with Witch Hazel to enhance and improve results. The anti-redness properties of these ingredients form an exceptional, cooling and soothing moisturiser, treatment and mask for highly sensitive skin. Particularly useful after electrolysis or laser treatment. Lavender is also known for its calming and relaxing properties. Soothes and restores a feeling of calm before sleep.

This product contains essential oils and should be used at your discretion during pregnancy and while breast feeding.


  • a non-sticky, water-based gel
  • relief for sensitivity or burns
  • soothing for stressed skin, relaxing and calming
  • great for helping control acne
  • anti-redness properties
  • cooling moisturiser

How to use:

  • For sensitive skin, smooth on gently, applying as often as required.
  • For areas of tension, apply generously and massage in lightly.
  • Lavender gel can be blended with massage gel.
  • To aid relaxation and promote restful sleep, apply as a body and facial moisturiser before bedtime.
  • For best results use in conjunction with Lavender Bath Soak.
  • If any product gets into the eyes, immediately rinse out thoroughly with clean water.

Key ingredients:

Lavender Extract: calming, warming, relaxing, uplifting
Witch Hazel Extract: calming, reduces aggravation i.e. itchy, dry areas

SBC Lavender Gel - 250ml Reviews

I was given a selection of SBC products for Christmas, and most of them have sat in the bathroom cupboard waiting for me to try them out. Lavender gel was amongst the the ones I didnt know what to do with - I ask you, how old fashioned does this product seem to you, it reminded me of my grandmother .... how wrong was I ? I have heared that lavender is a great relaxer, well Ive been having trouble sleeping, just watching the clock, you know how it is, anyway I thought I'd try the old wives tale, see if it worked, so I dabbed some on my face & just let it soak in, I couldnt believe the results...the best night sleep Ive had in ages - its now become routine, if I cant sleep, out comes the Lavender Gel so Ive just ordered some more !!