Phyto Phytoapaisant Shampoo

Phyto Phytoapaisant Shampoo - 200ml

Phyto Phytoapaisant Shampoo - 200ml

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Intelligent shampoo enriched with Progénium®

Thanks to the high concentration of Progénium® in PHYTOAPAISANT+, the scalp's natural defense system is reinforced with each additional shampoo and is enhanced by the combination of lime, passion flower and shiitake extracts, plants recognized for their calming and soothing properties.

PHYTOAPAISANT+ is also formulated with a natural, clarifying base which gently cleanses irritated and sensitive scalps providing fast-acting relief. Hair and scalp is protected with each shampoo, leading the way to healthy, beautiful hair.

Phyto Phytoapaisant Shampoo - 200ml Reviews

This is very effective treatment. I have recently developed a very red and flaky scalp and this has helped streight on the first application. It does calm ithcing and flaking. It is really delicated and non agressive so I'm very happy to use it and will certainly repurchase.