Peter Thomas Roth Acne Kit

Peter Thomas Roth Acne Kit - Kit

Peter Thomas Roth Acne Kit - Kit

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Clear up acne and love the results with this comprehensive collection of acne-fighting favorites.

Maximum strength levels of sulfur and salicylic acid, plus mega-doses of glycolic acid, help loosen sebum, deep clean pores, eliminate whiteheads and blackheads, diminish wrinkles and fine lines and stimulate cellular turnover. Balancing ingredients, such as TrikenolTM, aloe vera, willow bark and pro vitamin B5, work to minimize inflammation, irritation, bacteria and scarring. Your skin will look clearer, smoother, brighter-completely transformed.

This Kit contains:

Beta Hydroxy Acid 2% Wash (57ml): (Gentle yet effective oil-free acne wash): For the treatment, control and prevention of acne.

Blemish Buffing Beads (30ml): (Ultra-gentle anti-acne scrub): For the treatment and control of acne.

AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel (15ml): (Oil-free, fragrance-free deep pore clearing gel):For the treatment and management of acne. Clears up active acne blemishes and blackheads and allows the skin to heal. Helps to prevent new acne blemishes and blackheads.

Acne Spot and Area Treatment (7.5ml): (Formulated with 5% sulfur and 4% glycolic acid): For the treatment, control and prevention of moderate to severe acne.

Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel (7g): (Formulated with oil-absorbing, pore-minimizing ingredients)

Peter Thomas Roth Acne Kit - Kit Reviews

I don't really have terrible acne but get the odd breakout (I'm fourty for gods sake)!!! My skin felt squeaky clean with the Face Wash and the Buffing Beads but not dry or tight (my skin is oily). The Acne Spot and Area Treatment felt slightly menthol and did sting a little but didn't burn or anything. The Max Anti Shine and Mattifying Gel didn't keep my greasy skin at bay it only lasted maybe an hour or so but when applied, your skin is really matt, it even reduced my lines slightly.The Acne Clearing Gel is applied all over your skin and also felt slightly menthol, less so than the Area treatment. Overall, it's good that you can test out a product withot having to pay full price. Only used it a couple of times so can't say if it's cleared up my spots but my skin is definetly cleaner.