Ole Henriksen New Beginning - Smoothing Scrub

Ole Henriksen New Beginning - Smoothing Scrub - 50g

Ole Henriksen New Beginning - Smoothing Scrub - 50g

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Suitable for all skin types / sensitive skin

How it works:

  • Smoothing & oxygenating exfoliant with tea tree oil
  • Sensitive skin fearful of scrubs will embrace this gentle, yet thorough, exfoliant
  • Comforting jojoba wax beads remove dead skin cells exposing a more luminous complexion
  • Paraben-free!

How to use:

Use 2-3 times a week, in place of your regular cleanser. In cases of excess dirt and oil or makeup, cleanse with your regular Ole Henriksen cleanser first. Apply to wet skin and massage in circular motions. Rinse with warm water.

Key Ingredients:

Aloe vera gel (Moisturizing, calming and healing), Avocado Oil (Deeply penetrating oil, rich in vitamins and nutrients), Chamomile (Softening and soothing), Jojoba Wax (Perfectly round, gentle exfoliant), Sesame Oil (Anti-oxidant, rich in essential fatty acids, nourishes and enhances resiliency), Tea Tree Oil (Purifying, antiseptic and healing)

Ole Henriksen New Beginning - Smoothing Scrub - 50g Reviews

Ole Henriksen New Beginning Scrub is just that - a new beginning. I've always had problems with exfoliating products being too harsh on my skin but with the gentle and soft implements and the rich cream it's worked wonders for my skin.
I bought this recently after a facial. It is a very gentle exfoliator which smells nice and leaves skin soft & glowing afterwards.