Nuxe Body Contouring Serum For Cellulite

Nuxe Body Contouring Serum For Cellulite - 150ml

Nuxe Body Contouring Serum For Cellulite - 150ml

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For Embedded Cellulite

It is "fatal" because... It has a comprehensive triple-action body-contouring effect:

It helps break down and release stored fat by activating lipolysis. Botanical Caffeine (the most powerful anti-fat agent on the market) and Cocoa Polyphenols - patented by Nuxe - help inhibit the two main receptors known for slowing the elimination of fat when they are activated: adrenergic alpha-2 receptors and neuropeptide Y receptors.

Simultaneously, the presence of Yacon Extract encourages an anti-storage action by reducing the binding of insulin to adipocyte receptors. Insulin is a hormone responsible for the penetration of sugars and fatty acids in the adipocyte and is therefore responsible for the formation of new excess fat.It helps BURN released fat thanks to Micro-Algae that boost the synthesis of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate).

It helps sculpt and shape with Brazilian Mimosa - patented by Nuxe - which has astringent action, and with Glaucine Extract.

Unbelievable optic effect: thanks to precious pigments that visibly flatten the skin's micro-profile to immediately lift your spirits after application!

How to use:

Use morning and/or evening. As an initial cure, apply daily for 1 month, then 2 to 3 times a week as a maintenance program. For specific action on hips and stomach, use in combination with the Nuxe Body Contouring Oil for infiltrated Cellulite.

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