MenScience Pigmentation Repair Formula

MenScience Pigmentation Repair Formula - 60ml

MenScience Pigmentation Repair Formula - 60ml

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A dermatologically-advanced formula reduces the appearance of skin discolorations and age spots that result from sun damage or the aging process. Ultralight with a matte and invisible appearance. Recommended for uneven skin tone and age spots, anti-aging, sensitive skin.

How it works:

This professional-grade formula contains the three most effective skin-lightening ingredients (Retinol 1%, Kojic Acid and Vitamin C) working in combination tocontrol abnormal pigment production and eliminate superficial darkened cells.Unique use of Glycolic Acid allows it to dissolve damaged and darkened surface skin cells, thereby allowing the Retinol 1% to work more effectively and producegreater results.


  • Visibly fades skin discolorations and age spots ("lentigines").
  • Helps dissolve damaged, darkenedskin areas and expose new unblemished cells.
  • Restores a healthy-looking and natural skin tone. Softens, soothes and aidsthe repair process.

How to use:

Apply a small amount twice a day or as directed by a doctor to affected areas only. Regularly use TiO2 Sunblock on face to avoid re-darkening areas by exposure tosun. Initial results in 2 weeks. Full effect in 6 weeks. May produce minor irritation.Discontinue if irritation is severe.

Key ingredients:

Retinol 1%, Kojic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Vitamin C, Chamomile, Shea Butter

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