Mary Cohr Hydrosmose Cellular Moisturising Cream

Mary Cohr Hydrosmose Cellular Moisturising Cream - 50ml

Mary Cohr Hydrosmose Cellular Moisturising Cream - 50ml

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Cellular Moisturisation Cream

A light, velvety soft cream that is comfortable upon application. Immediate sensation of moisture-replenishment. Rapidly penetrates the skin, leaving it silky soft. A source of continuous moisture replenishment for the cells through osmosis. Protects and restores comfort to the skin all day long. Restores luminosity and radiance to the complexion.

How it works:

The skin is increasingly smooth. Dehydration lines diminish. Radiance and softness are restored to the skin. The face appears more youthful looking. Test results after 1 month:

  • Increasingly moisturised skin: 80% of subjects
  • Suppler, more comfortable skin: 100% of subjects
  • Softer skin: 90% of subjects
  • Diminished sensations of discomfort: 90% of subjects
  • Pleasant and even very pleasant fragrance: 90% of subjects
  • Smooth and easy to spread: 90% of subjects

Key ingredients:

  • Olive Extract:Provides the formula with emollient properties and adds softness to the texture and eases application.
  • Vitamin E: Anti-free radical and antioxidant, Vitamin E protects the membrane lipids from damage caused by free radicalsIt plays a role in fighting against free radicals generated by UV rays as well as, signs of cutaneous ageing.

Mary Cohr Hydrosmose Cellular Moisturising Cream - 50ml Reviews

I had never actually heard of Mary Cohr products until I received a sample from Salonskincare. Having escaped teenage spots they caught up with me as I started the menopause. This cream is gorgeous. Perfect for my skin that is prone to breakouts and dry patches. It smells nice and sinks in beautifully and is non-greasy. Better still within a few days my spots had disappeared and my skin has never looked better. It took only 3 days of trying the sample before I bought the full size. I won't use any other moisturiser now.