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Thalgo Healthy Living

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Thalgo Océa Draine-Detox Programme
10 days to eliminate! Ocea Draine is the perfect product for anyone [...]
£22.00 £17.60
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Thalgo Océa Sun Supplements
Thalgo Ocea Sun capsules are for anyone looking to protect their [...]
£26.55 £21.24
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Thalgo Slim 7
Slim 7 is a delicous red-berry flavoured slimming drink that will [...]
£24.80 £19.84
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Thalgo Indoceane Oriental Spa Ritual Body Collection
This Collection contains: Silky Smooth Cream (100ml): For anyone [...]
£32.65 £23.60 *
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Thalgo Slim 7 & Océa Draine-Detox Programme Duo
Get a 10-Days Thalgo Océa Draine-Detox Programme FOR FREE with this [...]
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Thalgo Relaxing Cream
A true invitation to unwind, the Relaxing Cream optimises the [...]
£39.30 £31.44
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Thalgo Marine Tea Chest
Enjoy a pleasure break with our Marine Tea Chests. Our four regular [...]
£24.95 £19.96
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Thalgo Slim LC
Boost your slimness from within and finally find the way to fitness [...]
£27.85 £22.28
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Thalgo Booster Collagene - Elixir Beauty Drink
The age-defying beauty drink
£30.00 £24.00
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Thalgo Slim Biotic
Stress, and un balanced diet, too rich in fats and sugars and lack [...]
£23.00 £18.40
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Thalgo Slim Control
For those wishing to maintain a slimming objective. Slim Control [...]
£28.00 £22.40
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Thalgo L'Océane
Overworked, lack of energy, need for minerals and trace elements? [...]
£22.00 £17.60
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Thalgo Polynesia Room Fragrance
Thalgo Polynesia Room Fragrance contains ingredients from the [...]
£13.00 £10.40
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Thalgo Polynesia Sacred Oil
Nourishing - Enhancing
£26.00 £20.80
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Thalgo Polynesia Scented Candle
Discover the relaxing effects of vanilla and recreat the calm and [...]
£16.50 £13.20
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Thalgo Water Control
With the active ingredients Red Vine, Meadowsweet and Palmaria [...]
£24.00 £19.20
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Thalgo Menosvelt 45+ Slimming
Slimming, for women 45+
£24.00 £19.20
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Thalgo Aromaceane Detox
Detoxifying, Anti-Water
£36.00 £25.20
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