Darphin Denblan Toothpaste

Darphin Denblan Toothpaste - 75ml

Darphin Denblan Toothpaste - 75ml

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A refreshing toothpaste containing active Essential Oils and plant extracts to whiten the teeth and protect sensitive gums for beautiful teeth and a confident smile. Formulated with a blend of fruit extracts and essential oils, Denblan Anticavity Fluoride Whitening Formula Toothpaste helps whiten teeth and fight cavities for a brighter, healthy smile. Its cool mint flavour invigorates the mouth with a fresh feeling.

Key ingredients:

Extracts of Papaya, Pineapple and Lichen, Monofluorophosphate of Sodium, Calcium Carbonate, Essential Oils of Mint, Fennel and Parsley.

Darphin Denblan Toothpaste - 75ml Reviews

This is a great whitening toothpaste from the darphin brand. Consistency is a little different when brushing ie. doesn't foam up like regular toothpaste but cleans better. Can really feel your teeth are clean and with time helps remove stains to whiten. Have repurchased about 4 times and intend to continue doing so.
This is the best toothpaste I have ever used without exception. I only bought it because of a previous review which talked about sensitive teeth, whitening a shade or two, and giving the sensation of having a professional clean. It does it all & I can't wait to tell my dentist!
If you have sensitive teeth and go through the roof when attempting to brush with most whitening pastes this product could well be the answers to your prayers! Yes, it it shamefully expensive but if you're not happy with your gnashers and are fed up with pushing through the pain barrier in pursuit of pearly whites this will come as a revelation. Gentle and non abrasive, I noticed a big difference after several days and whilst it won't turn you Hollywood white, it does brighten your smile by several shades and polishes your toothy pegs almost as well as a scale and polish!