Comfort Zone Fruity Peel - Body Scrub

Comfort Zone Fruity Peel - Body Scrub - 150ml

Comfort Zone Fruity Peel - Body Scrub - 150ml

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Rejuvenating gel

A fresh rejuvenating scrub for the body with an exceptional exfoliating and smoothing effect.

How it works:

The mix of alpha hydroxy acids, acting together with the fruit extracts, favours water recall and improves the hydration of the skin. The AHAs place themselves between corneocytes, favoring their separation and, later, their detachment. After the horny layer thickness is reduced, the jojoba microspheres contained in the product delicately remove keratinized cells, particularly those of dry areas (elbows and knees), making the skin silky and soft.

How to use:

Apply a small amount of the product to the body, and massage with rotating movements until absorbed. Then, eliminate residue with a towel or by having a shower.

Key ingredients:

Glycolic, Malic, Citric and Lactic acids, Fruit extracts, Jojoba microspheres

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