Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara

Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara - 7ml

Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara - 7ml

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Lashes are coated in an ultra-flexible film which thickens them from root to tip. They are visibly longer and curled while remaining light and supple. A high concentration of pigments creates an intense colour effect, from the base of lashes, to give a beautiful eyeliner effect. For a flawless make-up result from morning to night.

How to use:

Apply mascara from the roots to the tips, over and under lashes to thoroughly coat them. Apply a second coat for an even more sophisticated result.

Key ingredients:

Natural plant waxes of Carnauba and Rice: give the texture high thickening power. A lash conditioner, based on plant cellulose obtained from Sugar Cane.

Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara - 7ml Reviews

This was an impulsive buy as I was looking for a good mascara in brown colour for ages and was delighted by the price offered by salonskincare on this product. The packaging is great, the brush is comfortable to use and the colour looks very nice and more natural ( in my opinion) than black. However, after applying mascara on upper lashes be careful not to look up straight away as it will leave tiny dots on your upper lid. I suppose its because the mascara is so new and thats why so liquid, I always found that slightly dried mascaras are the best to use. The only bad point about this mascara is that it is really hard to remove! I soak the cotton pad in solution, put it on my lid, let it stay for a minute and even after that I have to rub it for a minute..and even then its not completely off! If you are not put off by that, then definately buy as it fans out lashes perfectly, gives nice and volume:)