Bulgari Aqua Pour Homme Deodorant Stick

Bulgari Aqua Pour Homme Deodorant Stick - 78g

Bulgari Aqua Pour Homme Deodorant Stick - 78g

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Introduce AQVA Pour Homme to a man who is at ease with himself and in harmony with his surroundings, particularly with the ocean. He takes life as it comes, and is recognized for his masculinity and power of body and mind.

The fragrance is inspired by a Mediterranean landscape, particularly the deep sea waters. Posidonia, (named after the God of the Sea) is the key note of Aqva Pour Homme. This ingredient evokes the depth, the mystery and the majesty of the Mediterranean Sea, with a transparent aquatic accord.
It is a modern, aromatic fragrance highlighted by the notes of Santolina (lavender cotton flower). The aquatic notes of Posidonia creates the shimmering health and vibrancy in the fragrance. It is as natural and restorative as the morning dew!

Natural aquatic and mineral ingredients enrich the formulas of the body products.

Key ingredients:

Petit grain (from the orange tree), Mandarin, Santolina, Mineral Amber, Posidonia*

*Posidonia is a Mediterranean sea grass which forms vast underwater meadows. In this scent, Jacques Cavallier, the Perfumer, has created this accord which gives an aquatic and transparent note to the fragrance.

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