Barielle - Professional Protective Hand Cream - 170g
Barielle - Natural French Manicure Kit - 3x14.8ml


Barielle offers a unique and proven approach to caring for your nails, hands and feet. With over 30 years experience Barielle has evolved into one of the leading nail, hand and foot care brands in the world.

Barielle’s first product ‘nail strengthener cream’ was originally developed to condition the hooves of million-dollar thoroughbred racehorses, but proved so effective that it was soon being used to help human nails grow strong and healthy while resisting splits, peels and breaks.

Barielle’s product range has expanded significantly since then, helping combat damage to nails, hands and feet associated with ageing, dryness and vitamin deficiency. Oat beta glucan, essential oils, exfoliating salts and deep sea mud are just some of the rejuvenating ingredients combined to produce protective and effective treatments.

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